You may have noticed on our website that all the trips we do are custom designed for each client, whether it’s a vacation, wedding or honeymoon. This is why I design each itinerary. I take time up front with each client(s) with what they are looking to experience for their trip. We speak about length of trip, budget, and why the clients wish to go to the South Pacific. This leads me to understanding the goals of each traveler and makes for a better match between the experience and the anticipation. When the first suggested itinerary is completed and the clients have had a chance to review, we then  look it over and discuss what is liked, disliked and any thoughts they may have. We work this way back and forth until we have the itinerary the clients desire. In my view, travelers know what they wish and I know what we can get. The blending of these two perspectives achieves for the clients a trip in which they have been wishing.