Virtually everyone wants to be connected to the Internet while traveling. A few people need it for work, but most like to send out pictures, communicate with family, and just to be online as we do at home.

Welcome to the new Tahiti! “Tahiti WiFi”, that is!

The Art of Travel announces that each reservation made through our services will travel with a Tahiti WiFi “Hot Spot” for free. The only requirement is that The Art of Travel reserve a minimum of 5-hotel night’s during your stay.

That’s right with no additional cost! The coverage is excellent in the islands we have all heard about like Moorea, Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Huahine. In addition, the coverage is expanding to the further out islands over time. Now you will have good access to WiFi in most parts of your trip to the beautiful islands of French Polynesia!

“Tahiti Wifi” will give you access to the Internet in restaurants, cafe’s, and on your adventures through the islands.

Connect with The Art of Travel into the South Pacific in more ways than one!