You have your US passport…Check!

You have made plans for your trip into the South Pacific…..Check!

Will I be let into the country with only my passport…Help!  

For the well known South Pacific Islands like Tahiti, Cook Islands, Fiji, Tonga, and New Caledonia, you will arrive with your passport and you will be given your visa there with a stamp…AS LONG AS your passport is valid six months after your return date to your home country.

The only country that requires a visa for US Citizens is Australia. They are easy to get online and cost about USD 20.

To note Papua New Guinea just sent a note out to travel agents that travelers will need a visa for the next month or so. If you are traveling to Papua New Guinea it is best to check with the tour operator you are booked through for an update or with the Papua New Guinean Embassy or Consul.

New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands limit your stay to about one month which is fine for most travel.

If you have any questions on this it is always better to ask than to arrive to the airport with the incorrect documents, expired documents, or without a visa when you require one. It is the airline’s responsibility for your documents to be in order. If the airlines let a passenger arrive into a country without the proper documents, they will be heavily fined.

The good news is that all the necessary information is all available and easy to find.

Get your documents ready and travel!

Enjoy the week.