French Polynesia’s (Tahiti) Health Authority has issued a health advisory for travelers arriving from South America and Sub-Saharan Africa into French Polynesia (Tahiti).


In Accordance with International Health Regulations, Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory for all persons over 9-months of age who have stayed to a Yellow Fever endemic country

(sub-Saharan Africa, South America)

and wish to enter French Polynesia. 

This requirement applies to travelers who have stayed longer than 12-hours in a country with Yellow Fever. 

ALL affected travelers must therefore be in possession of a valid certificate of vaccination against yellow fever when entering French Polynesia.

This regulation is for the purpose of not transferring Yellow Fever to French Polynesia, its people, and travelers. Non-compliance may result in non-admission to the country, quarantine, fines, and loss of travel investment.

If traveling to French Polynesia after visiting a country which has Yellow Fever please contact myself or your travel professional immediately for guidance. 

Yellow Fever vaccination is not available to all travelers due to allergies. Please contact your doctor for further information.