Good Saturday to you! Yes, I know you get lots of e-mails that encourage you that “now” is the time to book your travel into the South Pacific. Well, right now is a great time to book your trip to the Southern Ocean, land of the Southern Cross and unique cultures.

Why? I hear you ask?

Answer: There is a little known airline that has just begun flying from San Francisco to Papeete, Tahiti called “FrenchBee.” 

It is a French low cost carrier, that has two classes of service: Economy and a Premium Economy. The Economy seat, with no frills (read you bring your own meals, entertainment, pay for your checked bag, etc.) begins at $802 round trip per person. If you wish Economy with a few frills the cost begins at $907 round trip per person. Should you splurge for Premium Economy, then the cost begins around $2017 per person. This is still lower than the cost of other Premium Economy seats heading into Papeete, Tahiti. That is high season! Once low season begins on November 1, the costs begin lower.


Always remember that the more a plane sells out, the higher the price. That is how the pricing algorithms work. So, the secret is to always book early and be flexible with your dates, if possible.

The entrance of FrenchBee into the market has forced Air Tahiti Nui to match fares on the days of the week that FrenchBee flies. From San Francisco to Papeete, FrenchBee flies on Sunday, Wednesday, and Fridays and returns on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

With another entrant into this route, United, also from San Francisco, beginning in late October you see the airfares generally lowering. As low season begins on November 1, you will see fares dropping to encourage the traveler to book. In fact you can already see Air Tahiti having special fares to match FrenchBee and Air France has followed suit.

Good thing, right? Yes, and no, as more people arrive into Tahiti there will be a shortage of accommodation as the number of rooms in the islands have stayed about the same. We have been seeing this during this high season for August and parts of September. However, if you look into October and through the middle of December, you can see great opportunities in land and air.

The other good thing is that heading to places like the Cook Islands and Fiji, you see lower airfares to encourage travelers to look away from Tahiti and fly to the Cook Islands and Fiji. This is also the case for New Zealand and Australia, though the pricing is lower by just a little as November begins the high season for these two countries.

If you have been thinking about the Islands of the South Pacific, Australia, or New Zealand, now is the time to book for later this year and early next!

Give a call and let’s plan!