Ahhhh! South Pacific breezes! One of the first questions most travelers ask me is “When is a good time to travel to the islands?” The answer is from April / May through to the end of October or middle of November. This is when the “Trade Winds” blow, the natural air conditioning to the islands. These are the famed South Pacific breezes!

Trade Winds keep the humidity down and cool the island. There will be rain but during the “Trade Wind” season, the rain will be short bursts of heavy rain then it will clear. Just imagine how cooling the breezes are as you watch the sunset from your over water bungalow and reflect on your day! Enjoy!

From mid-November through to the end of March, you have the wetter season. This time of year has more clouds, rain, and the possibility of Hurricanes. That said, it is the low season, except for the holiday season from around December 20th to January 7th.


Many people think waiting to book at the last minute will get the best deals. For some destinations this may be true, but not for the South Pacific. The availability of accommodation is less than most destinations and many resorts and certainly B&Bs sell out many months before travel dates.

So let’s start now on creating your best trip ever!