Puzzles: I love puzzles, and what I find in each new client is that they see their trip from a unique point of view—or, to put it another away their own puzzle.

By listening during the initial conversations with clients and asking questions that give me information, I can see or understand the pieces to the puzzle of a perfect trip for each client:

Which hotel, experience, or island will work the best (puzzle pieces)

  • Budget (puzzle pieces)
  • Length of time (yep, puzzle pieces)
  • The other piece is availability

The process of taking these pieces and creating an itinerary for the client that matches their goals, desires, and likes is putting together a great puzzle! The pieces help me create for each client a unique experience at the destination of their choice.

For me, that is the fun part and my creative specialty.

Every new client creates a new puzzle (itinerary).

That is why I custom design every itinerary for every client.

Each one is unique, fun, and an experience never forgotten. 

What’s your puzzle? Let’s find out, and give me a call!