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Now You Create Your Own Customized Tahiti Experience

Do you need Tahiti bungalow vacation packages to choose from? Let a local Tahiti vacation expert guide you to the perfect experience. We know the islands inside and out. Now you can take advantage of the relationships we’ve built with friends, contacts and associates who work at the best hotels, restaurants, excursions and tours throughout The Islands of Tahiti.

You can create a unique & romantic Tahiti honeymoon, vacation, cruise or getaway that’s tailored to your every desire. We can help you plan a destination wedding, private yacht charter and family getaway. You’ll get more value by having a true travel expert prepare your Tahiti Vacation package. Let’s get started!


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Overwater Bungalows
The luxury hotels and resorts of Tahiti offer a perfect combination of adventure, cultural experiences, service, breathtaking views, cuisine, ambience, and accommodations. They are truly unlike anything you’ll experience anywhere on Earth. Among the accomodation options you have to choose from it is the overwater bungalow that can be considered the crown jewel. Tahiti’s overwater bungalows come complete with glass floors and a private deck with a ladder to the water. Ocean views are great, but if you’ve never tried staying in an overwater bungalow we truly recommend the experience. Most of our clients have a lot of questions about traveling to such a unique place, so if you’d like to have a conversation about traveling to Tahiti or anywhere else in the South Pacific we’d consider it an honor to help you get the answers you need.