Crowned by a circle of majestic peaks, the Island of Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, towers over the South Pacific ocean like a proud and royal Queen. The mountainous interior of Tahiti Island is adorned with mystical valleys, clear streams, and high waterfalls. Most of the island’s population resides near the shore, leaving the interior of the island feeling almost untouched and ancient. The bustling capital of the islands is Papeete, meaning “water basket,” was once a gathering place where Tahitians came to fill their calabashes with fresh water. Now, Papeete, the touchstone of this island nation, boasts world-class resorts, travel adventures into the center of the island, amazing surf opportunities, diving and dining.

Tahiti is home to just under 185,000 people on an island 402 square miles. The island itself if two islands one bigger (Tahiti-Nui) and one smaller (Tahiti Iti) connected by a narrow isthmus. Once out of Papeete, you are enter an eden of tropical foliage. Tahiti-Iti has wild jungles, mountains, and small Guest Houses with views of the big waves of Teahupoo.

Explore the mountains, lagoon, and the main market of this island.

Tahiti is most often used as just a transfer location.

It is so much more.


1.) Papeete’s Grand Marche’ – morning is best to see the fresh fish, flowers, fruit, souvenirs including vanilla. See the amazing floral designs in material for your to make your own pareus.

2.) Museums of the Tahitian Islands and of Black Pearls

3.) Take a local tour of the street art creations

4.) Cook with the locals

5.) Surf / Dive / Snorkel

6.) 4X4 through the mountains


There is so much to do, and we will go over all of the opportunities next week. See you then!