My whole focus for each traveler is to help them create an itinerary that results in them doing their “Snoopy Dance” when they arrive into the islands. “Snoopy dance?” I hear you ask, well, okay I am dating myself here, but a “Snoopy Dance” spontaneously erupts when clients know they are experiencing their dream trip, that perfect trip they had been anticipating! Just like Charlie Brown’s “Snoopy” would do when he was so happy! Experiencing a dream trip is important for so many reasons. Not least of which for many travelers, the islands of the South Pacific have been on their “bucket” list for a very long time, particularly Bora Bora or to experience an over water bungalow. Many brides to be, Moorea and Bora Bora are the places that they have always wanted to spend their honeymoon. The islands are remote, exotic, and hold the essence of romance! Just look at the pictures!

So this is why the “Snoopy Dance” is so important. In fact, many “Snoopy Dances” in one’s life are important!

The time taken to find out what the client’s have as their vision for travel allows me to create an itinerary that, well, is what they had envisioned and then we create together. I add the “secret sauce” so to speak based on my deep knowledge of the destinations, resulting in the “Snoopy Dance!” Thanks Mr. Schultz!