How We Work
Welcome to Our World! Hello and welcome to our world of travel. Please review the “Welcome to our world” document. This will give you much insight into how The Art of Travel works and interacts with each of our clients. A well tried and fun step-by-step process for the creation of the perfect itinerary for you! CLICK HERE to find out more


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A Few Things to Help Us Get Started
Plan To Travel Questionnaire: This secure and short questionnaire will go directly to Kleon Howe at The Art of Travel. When Kleon receives your filled in questionnaire, the he will respond to you by e-mail to setup a time to speak or meet. Let’s get going! CLICK HERE to complete the questionnaire.

Plan To Travel Contract:

Please review this contract so that when you speak with Kleon, he can answer any questions you may have on the contract. Please note the contract does not have to be signed before you speak with Kleon. CLICK HERE.