What is your ideal when thinking of an over water bungalow, the view, the romance, or did you even think about what will be under the bungalow? There are certainly the over water, glass coffee tables in the over water bungalow, and you can view below you into the water.

What will you view? What do you want to view? This is for over water bungalows anywhere in the world.

Here’s the 411!

1.) Most travelers see an over water bungalow as over a reef. You want to see the beautiful aquarium fish floating just below you so you can see the beautiful colors and the myriad of fish. In order to see the colorful fish, you must have a bungalow over coral. With most, but not all over water bungalows, you can go into the water directly from your over water bungalow deck and snorkel right there on the coral. The water is clear and you can see the fish easily from your deck or as you snorkel by.

2.) You must ask your travel adviser what is under your bungalow, because many over water bungalows are over sand. Sand does not invite the colorful fish as there is nothing to eat and they are easy prey for the bigger fish. The coral gives these colorful fish a place to hide. From the over water bungalows you will see fish that are sand colored if you are over sand, which protects these fish from predators.

3.) From any over water bungalows you will see rays, sharks, and if you are lucky a manta ray floating past.

4.) If you are over coral, there are many fish to see, but hopefully you will see a parrot fish, these fish have a beak, hence their name, which they use to feed on the coral. They come in many types, and they are great to eat. But note, do no fish them yourself as only a local, experienced fisherman knows which types and where to fish the parrot fish that are good for you to eat.  

5.) All over water bungalows at night have a light you can turn on to see the fish in the water. This is the time to take some left over bread from the hotel to feed the fish, by breaking off little pieces of bread and the fish will come eat it. The over water bungalows offer the best view of the colorful fish at this time. Also, the light under the bungalow, reflects silvery blue in your bungalow if you turn the bungalow inside lights off to see the romantic stage, don’t forget the chocolate covered berries and Champagne! Voila!

There are literally an over water bungalow for each couple or family. Choose wisely and with a specialist in the area to ensure your trip is the best it can be.

Give us a call and we can discuss the best over water bungalow for you!