Imagine vacationing near a friendly tropical village in beautiful French Polynesia where you are a welcomed guest. Come and experience Tahitian culture first-hand in Tiki Village on Moorea in French Polynesia or Te Vara Nui Village on Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Watch first-hand local people “living” traditionally. Soak in exotic craft, the colorful arts and an overall different way of life. Who wouldn’t want to relax and enjoy amazing food while watching a spectacular high-energy 60-person dance performance featuring some of the best dancers in Polynesia?

Every experience I create for clients includes components of the original peoples of the land to which you are traveling. This is important because the traveler now experiences more than just the hotel or island they experience “Mana” as the Polynesians say. This is the force of life.

Fishing the way the locals fish, creating art, farming black pearls, or just making a local dish from scratch. These are some of the wonderful ways that a traveler can learn and experience the local culture. This is what we travel for! Enjoy! Kleon