Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are just some 800 miles west of Tahiti and yet are the best kept secret of the South Pacific. Just 15 islands in an area of ocean close to the size of the subcontinent of India! The islands are divided into the Northern Group and The Southern Group. The main language spoken is English while all islanders will also speak their native language of the island on which they were born. The Cook Islands have two major tourist destination islands. The first is Rarotonga, the main island and government seat, and the second is Aitutaki with its stunning lagoon and great diving or fishing. These two islands have a well-founded tourism infrastructure. Other islands of the group have access to them by air and smaller B & B accommodation or small hotels.
The Cook Islands remain truly unspoiled and offer so many opportunities for the traveler. You can experience the culture, the sea, and the people of this beautiful island nation. This is the center part of the Polynesian culture and a wonderful way to begin your journey into the South Pacific. Because the Cook Islands are not as well know to the North American traveler, the cost is less to travel and stay here. It is one of those destinations where NOW is the time to travel there. Conde Nast has recognized Kleon Howe of The Art of Travel as “The Best Travel Professional on Earth” for his knowledge of The Cook Islands. The Cook Islands offer the opportunity to enjoy the South Pacific and take home wonderful memories.


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