It is actually quite easy to book a vacation or honeymoon to the islands of Tahiti. What’s far more of a challenge is figuring out which hotels work best for you, which hotels have the best value for your budget, which over the water bungalows have the best view, and which have those wonderful glass coffee tables that look into water below. This is what I do for each of my clients. I will take the next few blog posts to take you through the reservation/creation process of an itinerary. This I do for each client so the result is a custom designed itinerary.

The first step is to create the online questionnaire here at our website, located under “How we work”. This fully secure questionnaire comes directly to me.  When I receive it, I then make arrangements to speak with the clients. During the conversation we discuss the dates of travel, why the clients wishes to travel to the islands, budget, and if the clients wish to use miles for airfare or points for hotels. I speak about using points and miles first as this information will fit into the discussion of overall budget. We also speak about The Art of Travel’s contract at this point.

Info: Flights to Papeete from North America all depart from Los Angeles. The flight time from Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti is about 8 hours. The flight from Los Angeles to the Cook Islands is 9 hours. The flight from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji is about10 hours. Flight times vary depending on upper level winds encountered during the flight.