Passports are in the class of important items, but since they hide away in a safe place, we tend to forget them until we need them.

Make sure you have a black and white copy (not color) with you in your desk or other place where you do business for home or work.

Look at the expiry date and make your renewal at least 8-months before expiration. Why? The US, Canada, Mexico and most other countries require travelers arriving back into the US, Canada, Mexico or arriving into their country to have valid passports for at least 6 months from the return date to the United States, Canada or Mexico. It is important to know that a country can refuse entry to a person with an expired or about to expire passport.

It is much easier to renew well ahead because you never know what odd fate the State Department division that issues passports may be subject to at any time. I say again, if your passports expire within 6 months or if you need to apply for a new passport, do it now.

Case in point: Government Shut Down: If the government is not funded most departments shut down. This includes the State Department division that issues passports. Next week, the week of December 3rd, the Congress of the US will begin working on a budget which was punted to next week earlier in the year. If the budget is not put into place, the government will shut down.

If you need to renew or apply for a new passport for travel in the next six months – MAKE the Application NOW and expedite it as fast as possible.

Get your photographs this weekend, and apply Monday, December 4, 2017,  to ensure you have your passport before any chance of a government shut down occurs.

Passports, so easy to forget about until you need them! Travel well!