First and foremost, my thoughts are with all of you as we deal with our new reality of COVID-19. 

I am monitoring he situation closely to be sure clients with upcoming trips have all the information needed to make their travel decisions.

I am here should you have any questions or if you just want to say hi!


Change is stressful, it feels odd, it forces us to a place we really do not want to go.

Change can be, if we choose,  a time of learning new things, relaxing, and finding out what works for you and what does not work for you.

Change can be a time of uniting to overcome what caused the change in the first place or maybe even to work with that cause of change for something that is good. .

Change can be a time of great forward movement, if we choose.

While I am in my home, I am watching the videos of world museums, monuments, and destinations. I love the video of penguins being let loose in the closed zoo by their keepers.

 Read, watch movies that take you to another time and place, garden, cook, knit, and just rest.

Create music, art, or solve scientific problems, Create a new body type for a car, a new game, or a new theory.

Dream and create. Make a story board of what you want now that the world has stopped. What do you want?

Find pictures that match what you want, get ideas of what you want, and just dream about what you want.

Change creates a time for new creation both in nature and in ourselves. We are all a part of nature. Change allow us to plan a rebirth.

When the time is right, begin to travel again. Dream now for your next accomplishment.

I can wait to see it, to believe in it, and to enjoy it.

Change always comes, we have the power to harness change for the better of us and our society.

Take care of yourselves. Work together, Take care of each other.