I promised simple and I mean it.

Psst…this works for any trip and particularly for the South Pacific!

It can be overwhelming trying to plan for a South Pacific trip as there are so many options, destinations, islands, and accommodation. How do you create a great trip within your budget? How do you create a great trip with that budget? How do I make sure it will all work out well?

I understand, this confusion verging on frustration. So let me help!

So let’s start with the 5 steps: 

Step #1: Set your preferred dates: preferably with a range / For example: Traveling from July 2 to July 16th, for 8-days total with using 1-weekend.

Step #2: Know your budget: It is really important to understand what you can afford and what you can’t. Your budget should include two parts: Part #1 -US domestic airfare, international airfare, inter-island or intra-country transportation (this can be flights, boats, train, or rental car), accommodation, transfers, and taxes. Part #2- meals, activities, and special events such as weddings, or renewal of vows.

So now you ask yourself, my budget is good for Part #1 and I have extra for Part #2 or does my budget have to include all of Part#1 and Part #2?

Step #3: Do you have frequent flyer miles that can help the budget? Do you have hotel points to be used for the itinerary? Will you have a honeymoon registry to help with the overall cost?

These are just a few of the programs that can help with your budget.

Step #4: What do you want to experience? If you are looking at a beach trip? What are you looking for? Write it down. If you are traveling to a city, what are you looking for? Write it down. Do you wish an over water bungalow, a room with a view of the Sydney Opera House, of the sunset? Write it down. These are all important facts that are important to take into account with your budget and dates.

Step #5: Organize a time, about an hour, for you and I to speak about your plans. This is invaluable for every trip, for with my knowledge and connections in the South Pacific, I can answer all your questions on what you can do and experience on your trip. Any travel professional should give you free time up front to discuss your ideas, your budget, your goals, and the destination.

This initial discussion is essential for you to have a great trip. With the 5 tips here, it will be easy and you will have a trip planned in no time.

Enjoy the day and travel well!