What’s the “most asked question” regarding traveling to the Islands of the South Pacific?

When is the best weather for going to the South Pacific?”

So here is my classic response. I send this out regularly because there is always someone new to the possibility of traveling to the South Pacific! Which is a good thing!

Ahhhh! South Pacific breezes! When the “Trade Winds” blow is the best answer to the question,  “When is the best weather for going to the South Pacific?” The “Trade Winds” blow from April / May through to October.

The “Trade Winds” are the natural air conditioning to the islands. These are the famed South Pacific breezes that you read about in books and see in the movies!

You have seen the sort of thing…heroin on a moonlit beach and the hero comes along. He looks at the heroin and her hair is gently moved by the balmy breeze. The heroin smiles…well you can relate to the rest of the plot…

The balmy breeze is the “Trade Winds.” Trade Winds keep the humidity down and cool the island. There will be rain but during the “Trade Wind” season, the rain will be short bursts of heavy rain then it will clear.

The “Trade Winds” are coming in just a few months, so now is the time to plan!

Set the stage, the romance, the sailing, and we will find you that perfect moonlit beach and you take your place on the South Pacific stage!

LIGHTS!   CAMERA! ACTION! It is all waiting for you. Give me a call and we will create the movie!

Enjoy the week!