Hello! Here we are in August! 

Has the summer gone fast or slow for you? I find planning travel the best way to keep every day exciting. I look forward to the next travel day with anticipation. But then my day is full of planning travel cuz that is what I do!

The Australian Aborigines have a remarkable way to teaching one all the great values of life! Here are two:


1.) “We are all visitors to this time, this place.

We are all just passing through.

Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…

And then we return home.”

 2.) “Those who lose dreaming are lost.”

August is the perfect time to plan what you are doing for the winter for not only your travel, home projects, your own personal interest goals, and what you wish to learn. Learning year round is the best way to keep yourself grounded and thinking out of the box.

Travel, though, is a great way to learn as well. The following I found years ago. I have never been able to find who actually first coined these words after much searching. I hope to one day, and thank the person, because this is how I travel today and how I traveled day by day as I sailed around the world on my 44 foot sailboat.

I hope you like it as well. It allows us to appreciate our ability to travel, many people are not able to, and to appreciate the locations we visit!

The Art of Traveling:

When you pack your bags to explore your own country or the world, consider these keys to a happy journey:



Travel Lightly: You’re not traveling for people to see you.

Travel Expectantly: Every place you visit is like a surprise package. Untie the strings with an expectation of adventure.

Travel Hopefully: Robert Louis Stevenson wrote…”To travel hopefully is better than to arrive.”

Travel Humbly: Visit people and places with reverence and respect for their traditions and way of life.

Travel Courteously: Consideration of fellow travelers and hosts will smooth the way through the most difficult days.

Travel Gratefully: Show appreciation for the things that are being done by others for your enjoyment and comfort.

Travel with an Open Mind: Leave your prejudices at home.

Travel with Curiosity: It is not how far you go, but how deeply you go that mines the gold of experience – Thoreau wrote a big book about tiny Walden Pond. 

Travel with Imagination: As the old Spanish proverb puts it, “He who would bring home the wealth of the Indies must carry the wealth of the Indies with him.”

Travel Fearlessly: Banish worry and timidity; the world and its people belong to you, just as you belong to the world.

Travel Relaxed: Have a good time, let go and live!

Travel Patiently: It takes time to understand others, especially when there are barriers of language and custom; keep flexible and adaptable to all situations.

Travel as a Spirited World Citizen: People are basically the same the world over. Be an ambassador of good will to all people.


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