I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with the travel services of Kleon Howe at The Art of Travel.  I contacted Kleon for help arranging the “trip of a lifetime” for my mother and stepfather.  My mother had dreamed of going to Tahiti since she was a little girl and she kept a picture of a bungalow over that gorgeous azure water on her desk for years.  A few years ago she took that picture down, realizing that dream would never come true.  But, thanks to the advice and guidance from Kleon, I was able to finally send her and my stepfather on their dream vacation.

I am an experienced traveler, however I have no personal experience with the South Pacific and I wanted to give my parents an unbelievable trip.  Kleon was able to answer all my questions and put together such a perfect trip for my parents.  Every detail that I asked about was put into action, including many wonderful touches I never dreamed of.

I was concerned that my parents would have trouble making connections between flights and I didn’t want them to have to worry about how to get to their bungalows.  Kleon arranged for them to be met at every juncture and there was not a single moment when my mom felt lost, or didn’t know what to do.  It took all of the stress out of the trip and allowed her to just be led along on a wonderful, amazing journey.

I cannot say enough positive things about Kleon and the trip he put together for my parents.  He took the time to answer all my questions, gave me perfect advice, and knew all of the best parts of the islands to send my parents to.  I think the best sign of the success of the trip is that, every time I ask my mom to tell me about the trip, she starts crying immediately because it was such an unforgettable experience.  I never could have put together such a perfect trip on my own.

The Art of Travel is, by far, the best travel agency I’ve ever worked with.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.


We have arrived home safely and definitely had the “trip of a lifetime”. It was so much fun and we are so grateful to you for helping us to plan perfectly this great vacation that we so desperately needed. 

I am happy to report that we have no list of items that could have been done better. Every transfer was without issue and on time and easy for us. Everyone was so helpful and wanted to ensure we had a great time. I appreciated how friendly and lovely everyone was. I loved that you provided us with the sides of the inter island flights to sit on as we got unbelievable photos. Also, to recommend the helicopter from Vahine Island to Bora Bora was fantastic and something we wouldn’t have thought of in a million years. All the people we met and dined with daily in Vahine came outside to watch our helicopter depart and send us off because it was so exciting to see it land and take-off on the island. We had so many travelers inquire how we got reservations to La Villa Mahana, and we shared your name each and every time. It was one of the most wonderful meals we’ve had and many travelers missed it. Every resort we visited had its own special flavor, all different, and we loved them all.  Every excursion was top notch and so exciting. The itinerary and extra documents you provided on what the highlights of each island were helped us a lot. I uploaded this to my phone so it was easy to know when we were supposed to be where. We used all the extra tips like checking your bags into storage so we could go to the Tahiti waterfront and visit the food trucks as one example. We really feel like we got a great taste for the variety within the islands.  

I will share one extra special treat we received during our stay on Vahine. Each day, there are included activities and we decided to go on the snorkel trip as the water here was very calm and crystal clear. Mark is an okay, but not exceptional swimmer. The coral is very dense. While I was able to easily navigate this, Mark was struggling a bit. Our guide, Roe, noticed this immediately and swam to Mark for assistance. Not only did he give him individualized snorkeling tips and tricks, he took Mark’s mask to clean and condition it properly so that we could continue the lessons on a second day without the mask fogging. He ensured Mark and I saw an octopus, clown fish in their anemones, a reef shark. Just amazingly kind and generous and really improved Mark’s confidence in the water.  

Thanks very much for all of your work and expertise in travel to this region. It seems everyone we know now has French Polynesia on their bucket list from the unimaginable photos we captured during our adventure.

Kelly & Mark

Kleon is, without a doubt, the best travel specialist I have ever worked with.  It’s been my dream to go to Tahiti for longer than I can remember, and I had a lot of ideas about what we wanted to do.  Kleon listened, made great suggestions and put together a perfect vacation for my 40th birthday.  I had never heard of Vahine Island before, and it was an awesome suggestion.  The combination of staying on Vahine Island plus at the Four Seasons Bora Bora was exactly what we were looking for.  I would highly recommend using Kleon as your travel specialist and in fact, we are already speaking with him about a trip to Fiji for next year and going back to Tahiti in a few years.


I never used a full service travel agent before for any of our international trips.  But after meeting Kleon Howe at the San Diego Travel Expo, my husband and I thought it’s time to work with someone for our trip to French Polynesia  (Tahiti, Moorea, and a two week freighter/cruise voyage on the Aranui 5 to the Marquesan Islands.) Kleon’s expertise in travel to this part of the world was exceptional.  And so was the personal service he provided. Because we wanted to customize our travel beyond our cruise on the Aranui 5, he made sure everything fell seamlessly into place.  This included plane reservations, hotels, airport transfers, and ferry transfers.  He provided us with cost effective choices and he worked with Aranui 5 to get us an outstanding cabin location.  Kleon was always prompt in his email replies or call backs, and he gave us plenty of notice concerning our deadlines.  Best of all was the comprehensive packet of information he provided us as we made final preparations for our trip.  We showed the packet to several other guests on the Aranui and they were envious of how well prepared we came — thanks to Kleon.  We would not hesitate to use the services of Kleon and The Art of Travel when we plan future trips to that part of the world.

Mike & Mimi

Thank you so much for all your hard work. We LOVED New Zealand. It was so beautiful and the hiking allowed us to see some spectacular scenery.  All the guides did a great job and all the tours were wonderful.

We will recommend you highly to anyone traveling in that region.


Our experience with Kleon was outstanding – he asked all the right questions to find out what we were looking for and was able to deliver a nearly perfect experience. We had never been to Bora Bora and information about restaurants & excursions there can be hard to come by, but Kleon came through with great recommendations and set everything up for us such that we could just enjoy the experience and not be worried about coordinating drivers, boats, reservations, etc. We had a great experience with Kleon and look forward to working with him on our next vacation!

Jeremiah & Christine

My husband and I were just reading the August issue of your magazine and were delighted to see Kleon Howe is mentioned in it. He organized our honeymoon in French Polynesia from where we recently came back. Everything you said about him is so true. Here is our little story about Kleon:

It is funny the way we found Kleon. I was getting my test make up for the wedding done at a salon on the Upper East Side and was telling the owner’s daughter that we wanted to go to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. She said her friend used Kleon’s services and thought he was great. So I got his contacts, emailed Kleon and he got right back to us with a phone call. He took so much time with us on the phone to really learn what we like to do on vacations. In a matter of days we had our flights booked and a draft of an itinerary. Mind you we started booking in March 2013 and our honeymoon was in June 2013. So most travel agents I think would have not been able to pull everything together so quickly. To make a long story short, I have to say we got treated so well at every hotel we went to and got the best rooms too. We know none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Kleon and his connections. He also created our itinerary in such a way that with every day that passed, each island or adventure was even more special, everything culminating with Bora Bora where we spent the last days of our trip. Lastly, Kleon even worked with my sister to add surprise treats for us on our trip.

All in all, we were extremely satisfied with his services and will more than gladly recommend him.

Ursula and Marius

My husband and I decided to take a vacation to French Polynesia and had the extreme pleasure of having this trip planned by Kleon Howe of The Art of Travel. Typically, I am the one who does all of the planning and organizing for our trips. After researching the area and seeing the sheer number of islands and options as well as the length of the trip we desired (14-17 days), I knew that this was best left to a professional. I consulted Conde Naste for a list of recommended travel agents for this destination and when I saw that Kleon was in San Diego, which is just an hour south of us, I immediately contacted him to set up an appointment. We met with Kleon on a Saturday morning in May for at least an hour and half during which he not only educated us on French Polynesia and our many options but he learned what type of travel we enjoyed and had done in the past. We are avid cruisers and had originally intended to have a 7 or 10 cruise as part of itinerary. After speaking with us, Kleon felt that based on what we expressed we were looking for on our vacation (relaxation, romance, sun, snorkeling, seeing the islands and experiencing the true flavor of the local cuisine and culture which included staying in a traditional over the water bungalow ) he asked us to let him put together a land based’ itinerary which included visiting 3-4 islands for our review. Within a short time of our initial meeting a proposed itinerary was in hand and it looked fantastic. We would be spending 16 days in French Polynesia visiting the islands of Tikehau, Huahine, Moorea and Bora Bora departing in the middle of January. Kleon said that he would take care of everything and all I would need to do is pack my bags. He could not have been more right. Fast forward to January when we received our travel documents a few weeks before our departure. We received a detailed itinerary (which even included notes as to which side of the plane to sit on for each of the intra island flights), all of the hotel and activity vouchers as well as a customized booklet with information on each island we would be visiting that included things to do and see, restaurant suggestions and even a few sheets of local customs and phrases. We were even able to purchase business class tickets on our roundtrip flight from LAX due to Kleon alerting us of a sale that Air Tahiti Nui was having which started our trip out on a great note. From there, words cannot describe our vacation. Every single aspect of our trip met and in most instances exceeded our expectations. The transfers, accommodations and activities were all first class. Just when we thought we had experienced the very best, the next place was even more breath taking. Several times throughout the trip, my husband and I would catch ourselves saying that we couldn’t believe that we were actually experiencing this first hand. Words and pictures are not enough! We both agree that it was the best vacation we have ever taken and it would not have been possible without Kleon’s extensive knowledge, professionalism and extreme attention to detail. I would highly recommend Kleon to anyone who is looking to plan a trip to French Polynesia or any of the other destinations that he serves. Conde Naste was correct in naming him an expert in French Polynesia and we look forward to working with Kleon for our future travel plans for many years to come.

Amy Ehlers


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